VE/VA proposals

Weight reduction through the integration of multiple parts (Part 1)

When undercutting (conditions where products cannot normally be extracted from parting molds), we use a 3 plate mold, slanted extrusion, or die distributor (sleeve) slide, to integrate parts, making extraction possible as well as reducing weight and avoiding further processing or machining.

Weight reduction before


Weight reduction after

Weight reduction through the integration of multiple parts (Part 2)

We use various processing, such as welding, caulking, and fastening the parts with screws, to integrate multiple parts together to form one product, such as integrating iron parts with pressed parts or cut parts.

We draw up our own proposals to offer die casting and product weight reduction using the aforementioned processes.

Integration before


Integration after

Improving heatsink efficiency by using new materials with a compact design

Depending on a customers needs, we can provide support using the following materials: HT-1, DMS6 and Al-SiC

Due to the use of LEDs for lamps and a trend toward larger capacities for electronic parts, there is an increase in the amount of heat that is generated, and therefore, a good, efficient heatsink is in high demand. Beyond ADC12, we can offer new materials with higher heat dissipation, which enables us to design a more compact product and reduce the overall weight.

Heatsink efficiency


Heatsink efficiency


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