Environmental policy

Environmental policy

We recognize that "people have a fundamental obligation to preserve the global environment in order to maintain mutual prosperity with nature." We shall work with the local community to build and constantly preserve a clean and healthy environment through corporate activities that emphasize environmental preservation. Accordingly and specifically regarding the environmental aspect of corporate activities that involve product supply and services, we shall raise awareness of environmental issues through investigation and evaluation, and we shall set environmental goals and targets that are both technically and economically attainable. We shall make continuous improvements to our environmental management system established to prevent contamination and curtail our environmental impact or footprint. We shall make the following items our priority and implement them accordingly.

  • We are involved with energy saving activities that reduce our electrical power consumption.
  • We reduce and separate our waste. We also prevent water and soil contamination through recycling and proper disposal methods.
  • We shall lessen our environmental impact or curtail our footprint by increasing productivity and improving our manufacturing environment.
  • We shall conduct product design reviews and process reviews giving due consideration to recycling and disposability in order to support the environmental needs.
  • We shall implement internal, independent regulations as necessary in accordance with relevant environmental laws, regulations, agreements and other requirements. We shall conduct proper management strategies for environmental preservation.
  • We shall set environmental goals and targets and shall regularly review them in order to successfully carry out our environmental policy. These items shall be documented, and we shall ensure that all employees are informed about the policy goals and targets, and strive to enforce and maintain said policy.
  • We shall work hard with all employees to improve the awareness and consciousness toward the environment through environmental activities and programs. We shall cooperate and participate in environmental preservation programs such as beautification and cleanup campaigns in the local community.
  • Our environmental policy shall be disclosed to all external parties.

September 1st, 2017
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President Masao Akiba


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