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Happy New Year!

Many thanks to the patronage and cooperation of all of our customers and partners. I hope that this year is even better than the last for all of us.

Now with the formalities out of the way... Isn’t food just wonderful.

An update from me who finds happiness in delicious food.

I wonder what delicious foods were you able to partake in over the holidays. Here is Japan most people eat osechi cooking, mochi, and soba noodles during the New Year break. These dishes are more or less predetermined and have long been believed to bring in good fortune for the New Year. This time I would like to present some of the meanings behind these traditional foods.

1. Osechi cooking

- Kamaboko (fish paste)

The semi-cylindrical shape of the kamaboko is representative of the rising sun and beginnings as is each New Year. Most common is a red and white kamaboko, the red representing a protective talisman, the white symbolizing purity.

- Kazu no ko (herring roe)

As a ball of eggs, these are believed to bring prosperity for your descendants.

- Kuri kinton (chestnut paste)

With it’s beautiful yellow color, often compared to gold, these are said to bring prosperity.

2. Mochi (pounded rice)

Because mochi is so pliable is it said to bring long life that cannot be cut short. Stewed mochi, mochi in sweet bean soup, mochi covered in soybean flour, spicy mochi, grilled mochi… They’re all delicious.

3. Soba noodles

The thin long shape of soba noodles is said to bring long life to your life and your family. Soba noodles are also easily cut into lines suggesting the troubles of last year will be cut off with them. Colander soba, radish soba, soba with sweetened bean curd, curry soba… They’re all delicious.

As expected, food is a wonderful vessel for happiness.

This year I hope to eat lots of delicious food and spend my days happily.

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