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The Future is now!

Human Evolution For people under twenty current technology may seem quite normal but thirty years ago computers weren’t common knowledge and games were still restricted to pen and paper. The leaps we have taken in these past three decades are truly amazing though often we overlook just how life-changing many of these advancement really are. Even more fun and impressive are the things yet to come!

 I saw a debate on Japanese TV several months ago where one scientist was being laughed at because he said teleportation has been made real. I was already aware of this fact and find the subject very interesting but it was very disappointing to see someone ridiculed for telling the truth simply because it sounds too fantastic. Many of the great scientists of our recent past were ridiculed, even put to death in some cases because their ideas were thought to be too outlandish. Surely we should outgrow this poor behavior.

 I thought I would point out some modern advancements that are changing our lives already:

 1. A cure for HIV. Several people have been successfully cured of HIV recently, making an easy-access treatment hopefully just around the corner.

 2. Cures for cancer. There are many different treatments for cancer showing very high success rates nowadays, though are often ignored by the pharmaceutical community as they may not generate profit.

 3. Teleportation. Data in extremely small forms has been successfully teleported for over a decade already. The amount and distance we are able to do so is increasing every day.

 4. 3D printing. Metals, tools, houses, 3D printers are growing more and more popular. 3D printers that can make 3D printers even. Send them to the Moon or Mars and in the near future we’ll be able to build almost anything we want.

 5. Energy from water. Water spark plugs in cars, fuel cells powering houses, and many forms of clean, cheap, energy are trying very hard to get noticed.

 6. Telepathy. Several tests using humans and computers have shown that telepathy is very real and a normal aspect of human biology.

 7. Alien life. There is still water on Mars and there used to be a lot more. Europa (a moon of Juptier) has massive oceans beneath its icy surface that are probably teeming with life. Many earth-like planets have been found around stars in our neighborhood. If we can figure out better ways to travel space the possibilities are endless.

 8. Water inside the Earth. Deep within the Earth there seems to be water of massive proportions. We still know very little about our own planet and our own moon, though we like to pretend we’re smart.

 It can be easy to forget just how amazing life and the universe really are when you’re too busy to look up at the stars. Never forget that we are always learning and always growing. It is my hope that through science and technology we can ultimately find peace and health for all.

From Postman


MAX Manly


 In a previous post I mentioned Kiryu-city’s [Otokoki Ramen, Akagi]. I will soon attain the [MAX Manly Card] and devour the secret menu’s [Power Soba!] or so I said...

 To tell the truth though, I have been completely addicted to Monster Hunter 4G for the past two months to the point of completely shutting myself in last week.

 Amidst my hunting though I did get the urge to eat and was able to get the last stamp required on my [Pure Manly Card] and have attained the [MAX Manly Card]!

Super thick noodles, black shredded green onions, boiled cured egg, extra thick bamboo shoots, and lots of garlic. It had been a while, but it was as great as I remembered it.At last! The [MAX Manly Card]! My [Pure Manly Card] was No. 62 so I have surpassed 6 people.

It had been a while, but it was as great as I remembered it.
At last! The [MAX Manly Card]! My [Pure Manly Card] was No. 62 so I have surpassed 6 people.

 Next time, [Power Soba], without fail.

From Naotyn


Gunma Rules

Gunma Rules “In truth, there may be no land as blissful as Gunma” opens a book published last year called “Gunma Rules.” The subtitle is - 49 rules of blissful life in Gunma -. Other than Gunma-prefecture there are Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and other prefectural rule books in publication with Osaka-city as their origin.

 Last year in Gunma we had a rewarding year with The Tomioka Silk Mill confirmed as a nation heritage site and the prefectural character Gunma-chan took first place in the national grand prix. Besides that the “Gunma Rules” book became a hit and makes me wonder if a fortuitous wind is blowing this way.

 Lately Gunma has been introduced a lot in the media so amidst the 49 rules some have become common knowledge. Other rules were unknown even to me who has been living here for a long time.

 The shape of Gunma-prefecture, The Tomioka Silk Mill and Related Industrial Heritage, regional popular brands, etc., fun and also perhaps not so popular things alike are introduced alongside “An air of acceptance of the ridicule of the world.” “An ideal place without excess or deficiency to those living here...”

 What I want Gunma residents to read is the last rule number 49: If uptown metropolitan Tokyo then best live in Gunma.

Have lived been here a long time we very rarely encounter natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, and have not suffered any serious damage lately. Though the earthquake in recent years was certainly a hardship...

 Long ago in the local Jyoumou Newspaper there was an article written by a staff of the Bank of Japan, Maebashi-branch: Staff that are relocated to Gunma may be relocated again somewhere else, but they build their homes in Gunma. They used to say, if settling down do it in the capital, but there surely is a goodness that you can’t understand until having lived here yourself.

 “People that live on the soil of Gunma have a prerequisite. To humans, being able to live on Earth is the greatest of joys.” -The words of Takasaki businessman Inoue Fusaichirou. If settling down, definitely Gunma.

From 3+


Professional Sumo in Takasaki

 Recent rookie sumo wrestlers Endo and Ichinojo put on a great show against Hakuho who set a new record by winning all 33 matches at the closing festivities. Later this year in April an event will be taking place right here in Takasaki.

 Including local kids wrestling and sumo songs, there are many events that you can’t normally see watching sumo on TV, making these events fun even for people not normally interested in just sumo.

 It’s still a few months away, but ticket sales began last year in November and are running out fast. This time there are [food, drink, and sumo souvenir set] tickets on sale for 3,000yen.

 Being able see naked power versus naked power so close to Akiba Die Casting is not a common occurrence. Taking place at [Hamago Gymnasium], on April 18th for those that are interested, by all means.

From Aqua


Lunch Passport

Takasaki Lunch Passport I would like to introduce a dining out campaign from the food industry called Lunch Passport. My family and I bought Vol. 3 last year and were able to use it 17 times including some weekends.

 The Lunch Passport started in April of 2011 in a local magazine of Takaai-city called [Hot Coach], where it later picked up by companies nationwide.

 The passport allows you to eat from a restaurant’s normal lunch menu usually 800\-1200\ for the dreamy price of 500\. You can use the passport at the same restaurant up to three times allowing you to revisit a restaurant if you like it, or try something new you might not otherwise have now that it’s only 500\! If you use the passport at least three times the savings will cover the 900\ it costs to buy.

 By the way, because I was able to use my Lunch Passport 17 times last year saving 300\ each time, I saved at least 5100\!! so of course I’m bought Vol.4!!

 On sale as of January 9th, if you buy one now you still have two and a half months to use it. I most often use mine on the weekends, but not all listed restaurants allow use on weekends, so anyone who has a chance to use it on weekdays will have even more chances to prosper. Being the pasta city that Takasaki is, Vol. 4 has lots of pasta restaurants perfect for those seeking hidden gems.

 I’m looking forward to expanding my palette this year with a great excuse to travel about Takasaki.

From Pumping both wheels


Great for souvenirs

 Isn't food just wonderful.

 An update from me who finds happiness in delicious food.

 This time I would like to introduce you to a Japanese confectionary brand [Misyouan] and their amazing [Chigo-mochi]. A style of daifuku only available from December through April.

 “Lightly wrapping the finest quality strawberries of ultra-high sugar content, known as [Yayoi-princess], in silk like mochi, a Japanese treat capable of conveying the joy of the arrival of Spring,” or so a staff member explained to me, though definitely a gem. Apparently if they cannot find perfect strawberries they stop production. For someone who likes delicious foods like me, they are like heaven.

 The [Chigo-mochi] is only on sale during a certain period, though I also highly recommend the sweet potato treat [Poteto] sold year round. The shop is about 15 minutes away from Akiba by car. For purchases from the web please search for “Misyouan.”

 Next time you visit Akiba how about buying a souvenir for your beloved wife or husband, your beloved children, your beloved friends, your beloved girlfriend or boyfriend, or your beloved self.

 Of course, we will be most pleased if you can bring souvenirs to our company known as “new products” as well.

From Creampuff-fingers

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