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A fierce competition

 Akiba Autumn Golf CompetitionAkiba's Autumn golf competition recently took place. At third place this year's Spring didn’t go as expected for me, lowering my handicap. Winning would be difficult, so this time I aimed for par play (net).

 Even more important than winning the tournament was managing who became next seasons secretary. The rule for some time has stood as the two employees who came in second and booby(last) become next seasons secretaries, though only seven employees were participating at this match. Seven employees all with the potential for a victory.

 On the day of the competition we were welcome by good weather perfect for golfing.

 The first hole I safely grab a par save. The second hole OB, one penalty; one penalty leading to a succession of painful plays. My next shot was totally unstable. The thought of being picked as secretary due to a horrible game started crossing my thoughts. After that I got back in the swing of things, and in the end pulled in the moderate score I was planning on.

 All the was left was to measure up to the other players...

 At the time of my hole out, I had already escaped the fate of last place and next seasons secretary. However, not until everyone finished would we know for sure. And the results...

 Since the rule was put in place employee T was again picked for the third time as next seasons secretary. The second employee chosen as booby was a mere five strokes beneath me.

 Next competition will be early Spring.

 Fierce competitions like this one are many yet to come.

From 3+


A famous Takasaki pasta shop

 Isn't food just wonderful.

 An update from me who finds happiness in delicious food.

 This time I would like to introduce the famous Takasaki pasta restaurant [Pastar]. It’s nextdoor to a bookstore and has the feel of a café. The menu has truly a wide variety of choices making it difficult to make up one’s mind. They are all tasty regardless of what you choose, but I want to recommend the Ground Beef and Nattou, Miso Pepperoncini.

 A miso based pasta with nattou??? I’m sure you are thinking, but this fabulous pasta will bring a tear to your eye. A slightly spicy orchestra with a sweetness garnered from the nattou, and a boldness brought out by the miso, create a great experience.

 For those that don’t like nattou(fermented beans) there are cream based, oil based, tomato based, japanese, and original pastas that are all fit for a tasty recommendation.

 Pasta-ru is near our company’s headquarters so feel free to stop by when you go for a plate of pasta. I highly recommend it.

From Creampuff-fingers


Memories with ramen

 For this week’s blog I looked through the pictures on my cell phone. In doing so pictures of ramen are scattered about. Looking closely at the pictures reminds me of their flavors, but also of memories I had forgotten.

Ramen from [Jikyu-ya] Ramen #1

 A bowl from [Jikyu-ya], which my son and I stopped by on our way home from the railway cultural village. A simple and delicious flavor that was gentle on our stomachs.


Ramen from [Kohien]Ramen from [Ore no Sora] ←Ramen #2

 A bowl from [Kohien], which my son and I visited before going to see a match of the Gunma Diamond Pegasus. A nostalgic flavor that did not let out expectations down of a tasty bowl of ramen.

 Ramen #3→

 A bowl from [Ore no Sora], which I had on my way back from a manufacturers educational meeting. This shop became number 1 on an old television program years ago and I had always wanted to try it. The delicious flavor was deep and not something easily explained.


Ramen from [Aoki]Ramen from [Ohgiya] ←Ramen #4

 While my family was out and about I had nothing to do and looked up this shop [Aoki]. Chicken dumplings nicely accented in a simple salt ramen. Recommended for people that like simpler ramens. It was very tasty.

 Ramen #5→

 After going to a Masked Rider movie for the first time with my son we stopped by [Ohgiya Ramen]. When you want a bowl of miso ramen Ogiya is a sure bet. Even for someone not overly interested in miso ramen like me, it was a tasty bowl.


Ramen from [Ramen-Yu]Ramen from [Fujiyoshi] ←Ramen #6

 On our way home from Obon vacation we stopped by [Ramen-Yu] in Koufu. If you ever visit Koufu I recommend it. For green onion lovers like me it was a very good bowl.

 Ramen #7→

 The ramen meal at [Fujiyoshi] near our company. I was looking forward to their renewal, and they upheld the same great taste.

 I’m looking forward to creating lots of new memories with ramen from here on as well.

From Jyoushin Electric Railside Resident


The Double Slit Experiment

The frequency pattern formed by passing light through a slit

 The first time a slit experiment was conceived was by Thomas Young in 1801.

 Though a similar idea became much more famous in 1935. The Austrian physicist Erwin Schrodinger surmised that a cat in a box with a poison vial that had a chance to break at any moment could not be measured as neither dead nor alive. The only way you would ever know would be to open the box and look. If you do not open the box the cat’s life becomes a mathematical potential neither true nor false. The double slit experiment later proved this to be true.

The results of passing matter and waves through a single slit

 First, let’s try the experiment using a wall with only one slit. If we shoot particles (small bits of matter, even zinc or aluminum would work) one at a time at the wall only the bits that go through the slit will hit the back wall forming a solid line. If we send a wave such as water through the slit it forms a strong band behind the slit on the back wall that gets weaker and weaker the farther from the slit we go.

The results of passing matter and waves through a double slit

 Now let’s try the experiment using a wall with two slits. Watching as we shoot particles one at a time at the wall only the bits that go through the slits will hit the back wall forming two solid lines. If we send a wave through the slits they will bump into each and create an interference pattern on the back wall. No big deal.

 Now let’s change one small thing about what we just did. We’ll do the exact same thing, but this time we won’t watch. That’s it; this time we’re not looking. We’ll shoot particles one at a time at the slits and after some time check the back wall to see what happened. This time, we get an interference pattern…..!?

 Shooting matter at a wall with two slits when you are not looking makes it go through both holes at the same time, bump into itself, and go off in a new direction. The matter turns into a potential.

 Sound impossible? It may be hard to believe at first but it’s true, and has been repeated thousands of times.

 What does it mean? It means that the world around us is full of potential. It’s not until we look at it, not until we give it our attention that it becomes real. It means that we are creating reality, and many believe influencing how reality gets created.

 How fun or how boring your world becomes may actually be up to you.

 By the way, Mars is showing signs of water!

From Postman


New Acoustic Camp

 The New Acoustic Camp entrance gate and main stage

 I participated in the New Acoustic Camp for the first time on Saturday September the 9th!

 Having not done any research before going I was quite surprised to find that the venue was actually the Minakami Kougen Golf Course. The New Acoustic Camp festival is different than Rock’in Japan in that staying the night in tents is allowed.

 Starting with the stages as well as with the tent area, car parking area, etc. everything was positioned straight on the green. As a golfer I immediately found myself worrying about damaging the green, though it was clear there were very few others with such concerns. The free sprits that made up the crowd were happy to watch live music, lay down, toss a frisbee, check out the various shops, and generally have fun all on top of the “hand pruned soft green.”

 My overall impression of the festival was very relaxed and I was able to have a great day mingling with friends and listening to music.

 I’m thinking about bringing a tent next year and spending the night.

From Naotyn

Our base camp at New Acoustic CampThe automobile camp area at New Acoustic Camp



 When we think of stamina we think of strength, youth, skill. We also use words like stamina foods.

 In other words energetic.

 We can’t keep our energy up forever though, especially as we layer on the years.

 Nowadays there are many supplements for health and energy. Seeing their commercials makes me want to try them out.

 A few days ago watching some television they were explaining how to become more energetic simply by increase the amount of a special one thing.

 And that special one thing was…


I remember learning about them… I remember the name, but what they do I’ve completely forgotten.. Apparently the more mitochondria you have the less likely you are to become tired. Well how do we increase them then?

 Two mitochondria from mammalian lung tissue displaying their matrix and membranes as shown by electron microscopyAccording to the program I was watching, they increase though one minute bursts of aerobics.. Repeating these bursts leads to an increase of mitochondria. For example, not just going for a walk, but walking slow, then walking fast, and repeating the process over and over. Sounds simple, but even simple things are hard to keep up.

 [ As we age it is possible to keep our bodies in good condition. Keeping a high level of mitochondria in the brain not only prevents mental illness, but increases concentration, imagination, and general brain function. ] Searching the internet reveals such encouraging information…

 For just a little extra effort rewards of health and energy from our mitochondria.

 Let’s try and keep them on the rise.

From 3+


Lifting of the smelt fishing ban

 Adolfo Farsari (1841-1898) - "B11 - Il Fuji di Haruna"The heat has calmed down a bit to a cooler set of days, yet a few days ago the fishing ban on the smelt at Lake Haruna was lifted. Fishing off boats usually begins in September while ice fishing is practiced during February. Due to the environmental impact of the Fukushima reactor leak of March, 2011 any smelt fished at Lake Haruna were not permitted to be taken home. Due to a decrease back to normal levels of the radioactive cesium content of the fish the ban has been lifted for the first time in four years and bringing your catch home is once again being allowed.

 Why not try some relaxing boat fishing at Lake Haruna this season?

 The name of Lake Haruna actually originates from these fish where Haru (Spring) and an older writing of sakana (fish) were joined to how we now spell Haruna (Spring greens). From the bottom of Lake Haruna there are also high grade algae and waterweeds that grow up around towards the surface and can wrap around the feet of water goers. There is a rumored saying of [If you start to drown, I’m not saving you] at the Lake so be careful!

 On September 13 there with also be the [Takasaki FUN Trip] event at the Haruna Cultural Center Ecole. Produce and foods from the Takasaki area as well as locale cuisine, a vintage car exhibition, musical performances, and more up to for experiencing, making for a great time to visit Lake Haruna.

From Aqua

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