We want to cast a new light on the next generation. In line with this mission, we have re-invented the new Akiba. We are striving to be a proposal-based company that works alongside our customers to develop and manufacture products.

Strengths of Akiba Die Casting

Cost reduction using VE/VA proposals

High level die design technology enables us to form maze-like, complex configurations such as those found in valve bodies. We have experience working with domestic as well as overseas manufacturers, supporting proposals for the integration of complex parts, processing parts without performing cutting and reducing the product weight and increasing functionality.

<Previously> We have integrated iron parts with pressed parts or cut parts using methods such as welding, caulking, and fastening them with screws.

Product integration / weight reduction

Integrating and reducing the weight of products through die casting


Pushing the limits of heat sink fins

Super thin shapes, like those of heat sink fins.

We are steadily raising the standard of thin die cast shapes used for their light weight and heat dissipation. We have successfully tested LED heat sink fins over 50mm tall, with an edge thickness of 0.5mm and a taper of 0.5 degrees using aluminum alloys with a high heat transfer coefficient such as ADC-12.

This picture is of a test sample with a fin height of 60mm, an edge thickness of 0.5mm, and a 0.5 degree taper.

We are confidently accepting orders for various types of heat sinks for lighting and for the automobile industry.

Vacuum casting method

Vacuum casting site
We integrate our high vacuum casting method, which creates a strong vacuum during die casting (diecast), resolving quality control issues that are commonly caused by blowholes and other defects.
Vacuum casting

Vietnam and Thailand

Overseas bases
Akiba's pioneering technology in Japan and our system operations overseas provide support for the varying needs related to high pressure aluminum alloy metal casting and zamak zinc casting.
Overseas base

Streamlined production

Streamlined production meeting
After our customers present us with the basic specifications, our production system streamlines the design, trials, surface treatment, assembly and delivery of the final product.
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